Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree - Small 36cm
Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree - Small 36cm
Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree - Small 36cm

Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree - Small 36cm

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The original designed cascading musical marble tree made with eco harvested wood and non-toxic plant based dyes.

Set the balls in motion one at a time or all together. As they wind down watch and listen as the tree sings with a beautiful melody.

The effect of the rhythmical melody is harmonising and calming to the senses. The sounds are soothing and the movement of the marbles are mesmerizing to watch. Children play for hours as they become immersed watching and listening to the harmonising effect of the sounds. Both therapeutic and fun.

The Grunspecht Marble Tree comes with glass marbles. These contribute to the desired harmony and sound of the cascade and make up part of the original design and intention of the designer. Experimenting with different sized marbles and wooden balls will alter the sound with each producing a different melody.

Every design aspect of the Grunspecht Marble Tree is intentional. The glass marbles; the type of wood used (Birch and Maple); the spacing between the petals; the number of petals; the length of the trunk; and even the plant based dyes; all contribute to the final melody. A change in any of these design elements alters the original intended effect.

The Klaugbaum trademark that stands behind every Grunspecht Marble Tree is your guarantee that the Grunspecht Marble Tree adheres to the original design principles.

Made in Germany using eco-harvested wood and non-toxic plant based dyes. CE Certified. Tradmarked Klaughbaum.

Available in 3 sizes each with 30 petals and 6 glass marbles.

WARNING: Not for Children under 3 years old. Choking hazard; contains marble and small parts by design and potentially by misuse.