About Us

Welcome to Dainty Daisy - a family-owned Australian business based in Sydney.

I'm Steffi, a mom of two and founder of Dainty Daisy.

Motherhood has definitely changed me as a person and challenged my emotional capacity to new heights. I truly value the love and support given by my family and friends as we shared our joy and sorrow bringing up those little humans.

I created Dainty Daisy to curate the items I enjoy using and found useful throughout my pregnancy and motherhood so far. The site will be growing slowly as I will be stocking items that I have tried, tested and most importantly, adore. It is my intention to share the items that I truly love as a mom to fellow moms and dads. I really hope there will be many moms and dads out there that will share the same happiness when using the products I have curated here.

For those getting gifts for your loved ones, please do not hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions or if you need gift-wrapping services. 

Thank you for visiting my online store, and thank you for supporting another local business.

Much love,