Seashell Symphony

Seashell Symphony

Gus + Mabel
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Mother Nature has once again outdone herself here with our very own Seashell Symphony; all that textural beauty and mesmerizing natural colours are the most fascinating treasures to include in any sensory play adventure; your little ones will be thrilled!

Watch them explore these wondrous additions; the magic they bring will captivate their imaginations, spark endless wondrous joy, and encourage a love of learning through exploratory play.

Let the gentle whispers of the sea guide your little explorers as they delve into a world where the ocean's treasures come alive in their hands.

• Composition: An incredible array of seashells

• Features: Peacefully mesmerizing patterns + strikingly calming textures

• Impact: Non-Toxic + 100% Bio-degradable 

• Dimensions Bag: W 7cm H 11cm D 2cm 

• Weight: +250g e

• Store: Keep in a cool, dry place within your Busy Bee Tray, the resealable airtight bag provided, or any airtight container.

• Expiration: Cared for and stored as suggested, your Seashell Symphony will last you years!

• Disposal: Now, this one is easy! Our Seashell Symphony is Mother Nature's work of art, so when you are done with them, return them to her. Dispose of them in your garden or compost, or even better, to the beach!

• Important Disposal Announcement: Do not dispose of your Seashell Symphony, down sinks, or toilets! It's not fun having to call a plumber.

• Recommended Age: 3+

• Note: Seashell Symphony may pose a choking hazard; vigilance is always required. Not suitable for our littlest loves 0-3 or those that like to put things in their mouth. Yes, they are non-toxic, but our Seashell Symphony are not intended for human consumption and would taste awful!