Lyra Colour Giants - 18 Colours in Tin
Lyra Colour Giants - 18 Colours in Tin

Lyra Colour Giants - 18 Colours in Tin

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Lyra Color Giants are a classic among the big coloured pencils and have already inspired many children. The highly pigmented extra thick lead gives the colours their famous gigantic intensity.

Lyra Color-Giants Unlacquered Pencils are large diameter coloured pencils which last 3 times longer than regular coloured pencils. Their large hexagon shape contains highly pigmented 6.25 millimeter coloured cores. The natural unlacquered finish is safe for children who may put them in their mouths. These extra large break-resistant cores are perfect for smaller hands and for shading large areas, last 3-4 times longer than standard size pencils, require less frequent sharpening, and are AP certified non-toxic. Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from Lyra.

Recommended Age: 3+

This pack contains 18 pencils with natual timber shafts in 001 White 004 Zinc Yellow 007 Lemon Yellow 013 Orange 018 Scarlet Lake 027 Light Carmine 029 Pink Madder Lake 032 LIght Flesh 038 Violet 047 Light Blue 051 Prussian Blue 067 Sap Green 070 Apple Green 076 Van-Dyck Brown 090 Venetian Red 099 Black 250 Metallic Gold 251 Metallic Silver.