Fanciful Wonderment

Fanciful Wonderment

Gus + Mabel
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Embark on a whimsical journey into the land of Fanciful Wonderment, where every corner bursts with vibrant colours and endless possibilities; this enchanting wonderland promises to inject a hearty dose of playful pizzazz into your little one's
sensory play adventure, elevating their imagination to new heights.

Picture your child's eyes lighting up as they dive into this magical world, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary with each touch and feel.

With over 450g of this awe inspiring fill, the fun never ends in this kaleidoscope of joy and creativity; let their dreams take flight and watch as Fanciful Wonderment weaves its spell of pure delight!

• Composition: Tumbled coloured seashells

• Features: Awe inspiring rainbow colours

• Impact: Non-Toxic + 100% Bio-degradable 

• Dimensions Bag: W 7cm H 11cm D 2cm 

• Weight: +450g e

• Note: +450g will thinly cover your Busy Bee shallow lid tray; such a generous amount!

• Store: Keep your Fanciful Wonderment safe in the resealable airtight bag provided or your treasure chest under lock and key. You've made it, little one; you're rolling in playful pizzazz!

• Recommended Age: 3+

• Note: Fanciful Wonderment may pose a choking hazard; vigilance is always required. Not suitable for our littlest loves 0-3 or those that like to put things in their mouth. Yes, it is non-toxic, but our Fanciful Wonderment is not intended for human consumption, and the texture in the mouth would be awful!